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Geographic Advantage- Accelerating Clinical Supply in China & Global Trials

Summary: Free trade zones (FTZ) in China provide clinical sponsors with specially designated areas to receive materials produced outside of China for the packaging, storage, and distribution of clinical supplies to studies in China and beyond. For studies in China where the necessary materials and finished clinical supplies are produced in-country, use of a facility located in mainland China versus a FTZ makes supplying local studies easier, faster, and more cost-efficient. Importantly, having access to a mainland China facility provides local and global sponsors a means to manage clinical returns from China-based studies.

Both China-based and global sponsors can benefit from using a dual-clinical supply site strategy, which encompasses access to both a FTZ and a mainland location when running studies with clinical sites located both inside and outside China. Based upon anticipated volumes, the production and storage of clinical supplies can be divided between the two location to optimize the distribution of supplies for the study. There are several important factors that must be taken into consideration when sponsors are deciding the best base of operations for their clinical supplies. View the webinar to understand the pros and cons of mainland versus FTZ-located clinical supplies and how sponsors can best leverage a mainland, FTZ, or dual-located supply network.

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