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Catalent Fusion eSolutions Suite

Global supply chain visibility, communication management and IRT integration

Catalent Fusion is a propriety project information suite and secure customer portal that provides you with the 24/7 supply chain visibility you demand and the ease and convenience of a cloud-based portal. Within our Fusion suite, you can review and approve labels online, access real-time inventory and shipment reporting, share project documentation, set up automated data exchange from your IRT and more.

FastChain™ is powered by SupplyFlex™, a proprietary IT platform that meticulously orchestrates centralized inventory management and order aggregation at a global level. By uncoupling secondary packaging from the traditional supply model, timelines are shortened, waste is reduced, and the supply chain becomes more flexible and cost-efficient

With the Fusion suite of services, our customers can enjoy:

  • Global supply chain visibility
  • Real-time inventory, shipment and depot dispatch tracking
  • On-demand reporting, including finished inventory
  • Online collaboration & shared project documentation
  • Online clinical label viewing and approval
  • IRT integration and automated data exchange
  • Easy export of information to CSV, XLS, XML and more
  • Cloud based portal available 24/7/365

Available modules include:

  • fusionInSite™ -global bulk and finished inventory visibility across the Catalent network including depots in a single view complete with robust search and filtering capabilities plus real-time shipment tracking and reporting, including PDFs of your TRD (temperature monitoring) reports.
  • fusionDOCS™ – secure online document collaboration
  • fusionWRAP™ – online label review and approval
  • fusionConnect™ – IVR system integration platform to support automated data exchange

Customer Portal Access