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FlexDirect® Direct-to-Patient Services

Flexible clinical supply solutions to accommodate evolving patient needs

FlexDirect® Direct-to-Patient (DTP) services from Catalent enable clinical supplies to be sent directly to patients’ homes, reducing or even eliminating the need for in person clinical site visits. Services can be flexible depending upon the study protocol, the patient recruitment strategy being employed and the geographic scope of the study.

Clinical Site-to-Patient (STP) – Traditional DTP approach where clinical supplies are sent from Catalent to the clinical sites, who then receive, store and eventually dispense the kits to patients as needed

Direct-to-Patient via the Catalent Pharmacy – Catalent dispenses clinical supply shipments directly to patients through the pharmacy located within our Philadelphia clinical supply site (Available in the US only)

Potential Benefits for Patients:

  • Accommodates more patient lifestyles and schedules
  • May remove some of the complexity and burden of participating in a clinical trial
  • May prevent missed doses due to patient’s inability to travel to the clinical site

Potential Benefits for Sponsors:

  • Expanded patient pool – reach more geographically dispersed patients
  • Faster recruitment, especially with rare disease populations
  • Improved patient engagement and retention – reduced chance that patients will drop out because of logistical constraints
  • Designed to suit sponsors’ needs – all/some patients, all/some shipments or in emergencies only
Contact us today to see what DTP options may be available for your next study.