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FastChain® Demand Led Supply

Transforming the traditional clinical supply chain into one powered by patient demand

FastChain® demand led supply from Catalent is a revolutionary approach to clinical supplies that enables the on-demand GMP secondary packaging, labeling and distribution of patient kits to clinical sites based on actual patient need rather than relying upon large static inventories. With FastChain™, clinical sites receive the patient kits they need in a matter of days instead of weeks.

FastChain® is powered by SupplyFlex™, a proprietary IT platform that meticulously orchestrates centralized inventory management and order aggregation at a global level. By uncoupling secondary packaging from the traditional supply model, timelines are shortened, waste is reduced, and the supply chain becomes more flexible and cost-efficient.

Efficiencies possible with FastChain® include:

  • Shorter timeframe for clinical sites to receive patient kits
  • Reduced clinical waste (less than 20%)
  • Drug pooling across protocols
  • Elimination of booklet labels
  • Ability to add/remove countries easily