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CTSuccess™ Clinical Supply Planning

Plan Your Clinical Supplies Smart from the Start.™

CTSuccess™ by Catalent uses an intelligent proprietary scoring methodology (StartScore™) to evaluate your project’s unique complexity and potential risk factors to provide you with the tailored support and integrated clinical supply services you need to get your study off to the right start, manage your IMP efficiently, and ensure continuity of supply from beginning to end.

Focusing on successful study start-up and issue prevention is particularly important for sponsors who may be unfamiliar with or lack previous experience evaluating and managing clinical supply complexities that can occur during a trial. With CTSuccess™, we make it our goal to provide you with the appropriate level of project support and the correct tailored mix of services from start to finish.


  • Fill internal knowledge and resource gaps – we become an extension of your team to help you plan and execute effectively
  • Deploy a tailored and integrated solution that fits the needs of your study
  • Reduce your risk of clinical supply related delays and budget overruns through better planning
  • Experience the ease and continuity of working with a single provider vs. multiple vendors
Additional services are also available that can be bundled to create a tailored solution to meet your specific needs, including comparator sourcing and blinding, packaging and labeling, storage and distribution, and more.

StartScore™ Project Complexity Analysis

StartScore™ is Catalent’s proprietary scoring model used to help determine the appropriate level of startup and ongoing Clinical Supply Management (CSM) support based on your project’s anticipated complexity. Developed by our CSM experts, this evaluation examines more than 15 common objective and quantifiable study characteristics known to drive project complexity.

Contact us today to learn more about how our specialized clinical supply management services can help benefit your study.