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Identifying & Addressing The Hidden Root Causes Of Supply Chain Inefficiency

Summary: Delayed. Out of stock. Over-budget. Unavailable…All words that clinical trial sponsors never wish to hear in reference to the impact of supply chain performance on their study. And yet, considering the critical role the supply chain plays, it has surprisingly remained largely unchanged for several decades.

Hidden within the linear design of traditionally modeled supply chains are flaws which can limit flexibility and responsiveness. In order to build a more efficient supply chain – one that is stronger, faster, more responsive and flexible – we must first examine each segment of the supply chain to identify both obvious and latent inefficiencies. Only then can practical strategies and solutions be developed to create an underlying supply chain structure that is better suited to meeting the changing demands of today’s more complex studies.

Examine supply chain with Dianne Coughlan, global Supply Chain expert to identify the root causes of inefficiencies and evaluates risks associated.

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