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Secondary Packaging & Clinical Labeling


Catalent offers GMP secondary packaging and clinical labeling services throughout our global network. Packaging can be configured to hold a single product or multiple products as determined by study requirements. We offer manual patient kit assembly along with semi-automated and automated wallet sealing and high-speed automated carding to meet the needs of studies of all sizes. For temperature sensitive products and those with minimal to zero allowable time out of environment, we can perform secondary packaging in refrigerated and frozen packaging rooms or over dry ice depending upon your project needs.

Using our Clinicopia global labeling system with its multi-lingual label phrase library we can design single panel, booklet labels or our unique Peel-ID™ safe storage labels for your studies. Single panel and Peel-ID™ safe storage labels can be conveniently reviewed and approved online via our Fusion portal before being printed and inspected at our facilities.

Secondary packaging & clinical labeling services include:

  • Automated wallet sealing
  • Hand assembly
  • Scan and assembly
  • Cold room packaging
  • Patient kit design services
  • Label design & printing
  • Multiple label types (single/booklet)
  • Harmonized labeling system
  • Global phrase library
  • Online label review and approval