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Our Singapore facility is a strategic hub in the Asia Pacific region with 22+ years of expertise in the import/export, secondary packaging and labeling of clinical supplies, cold chain handling of temperature sensitive products, and full returns and destruction management.

The facility can perform secondary packaging over dry ice or in -20°C or amber lighting conditions and features a full range of storage environments including 15 to 25°C, 2 to 8°C, and -20°C to -80°C to support a wide variety of cold chain products.

The GMP and GDP-certified facility offers FastChain® demand led supply services, FlexDirect® direct-to-patient services and is licensed to import supplies for the purpose of re-exportation and performs routine distribution into more than 15 countries in the region, including dangerous goods. In addition, the facility can provide Importer of Record service into Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and South Korea with additional countries scheduled to begin service soon.


Pte Ltd., No. 1, Jalan Kilang, #03-01,
Singapore 159402


+65 62711891

Singapore Location


  • HSA (Health Science Authority Singapore) Approved
  • Known Consignor Regime Certification


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